Thursday, November 20, 2008

Balancing my life

Balancing life doesn't come that easy, because for somebody like me, I like to be good at everything I do. I strive to be an excellent student, a good worker, a wonderful friend and daughter and this list goes on. Very often I find myself feeling guilty that if I'm spending more time at work, then I 'm not studying enough, and vice versal. How many of us have felt that way. Living in America where things are done really fast, sometimes made me feel like I was behind.. But I've learned to live one day at a time and to quit talking about how far I have to go and just be grateful for how far I've come. When I first came to the U.S, that was the start of I was becoming responsible for mself. I had to learn a lot of stuff, like how do I manage my time, How do I handle money, How can I go to work everyday even when I don't feel like it and still give my best, .... and so many other things. And I must say that period of my life was both exciting and challenging. That was when I learned that I had to work hard for what I wanted in life, andI may not always get what I deserve but I keep working at it. Hardwork was everything, because life is hard and whatever I want to do, if it was worth anything then it was going to take sacrifise and efforts, and plus when I've a different color of skin then I had to work harder, run faster than the average person. The person I ''m today is not someone who has it easy in life, but rather somebody who has refused to give-up or settle for less. Somebody who knows that success happens when preparation meets opportunity. I 've also learned I can be a strong woman without being overbearing, I could be pleasant and still say no when I need to, I can be driven and still have time to invest in my relationships, I can be stressed out and still look good, I can't be confident without being too confident, I can be assertive without being rude, and finally I can be the best me I can possibly be. This is the message that people can receive as they read this, is that noone can really learn to be as sucessful as they want if they don't learn how to take charge of their life, and handle even difficult things, and in the midst of hardwork we can spend time with the people we love.