Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Finding True love 2

Everyone is looking for love, we are all in a way searching for people who can love us for who we are, love us even when we fail and love us during times when we feel so unlovable.

Often times we turn to the people around us usually our friends, parents, boyfriend, spouse to fill that void, and make us feel loved and accepted. Some of us, are truly longing to experience true-love because we have probably being hurt so many times, in a relationship and we almost find ourselves giving-up on hopes of ever finding true love.

Even Christians have this longing, to find that special person; God is going to bring into our life. Just because one is a Christian doesn’t mean, that they never have the need to find love, and spend the rest of their life with “the one” God created us with the desire to be in a relationship.

Finding true love 1

Is there anything such as finding one’s “true love”, the one person who was designed just for you? The person who understands you in all the ways you need to be understood, and loves you just the way you are? Someone who complements you, and makes you feel complete inside? The answer is yes, there is someone out there for everyone, if you believe in love and you also understand that you have something important to bring into somebody’s life, then you are closer to finding that special person. You may have even met him/her, but haven’t realized it yet, because you maybe too busy searching for it someplace else: that you don’t even recognize it, when it is right in front of you. Even if you’re the most loving and caring person, you’ll quickly realize not every person you meet complements you. There are people you might meet in your life, who seem to have everything going for them, they have an inviting personality, charisma, very good- looking, have a good sense of humor, love life, .. and in your mind you imagine this person being just perfect for you. Not until you get closer, and you get to see their heart, or what’s inside them do you eventually realize they are not perfect for you. If everyone fits us perfectly then we all be confused about whom to spend the rest of our lives with. No matter how good two people are, there is always that one person who stands out the most. Finding true love is not as hard as some people make it out to be, you just have to let your hearts and mind engage when you meet someone you like. Time will always reveal if that person is meant to be in your life forever. Do not allow pride or shyness prevent you from building a friendship with someone you just met. Good things come in different packages; do not limit yourself to a certain standard or image you’d like to see in someone you want to date. A lot of people have missed opportunities to meet a great guy/girl, because they had very high standards. It is unrealistic to have long lists of the qualities you’re looking for in a guy/girl, when you fail in most of those areas. If you want a guy who is very smart, then become smart, if you desire a woman who is very attractive, then make sure you’re looking good yourself, if you’re looking for a guy who has strong values or values family, then make sure you have values that are similar. Never put anyone in a high pedestal, nobody is perfect; we all have weaknesses and areas where we need to improve.
True love starts with an attraction; maybe you are drawn to their personality, love their smile, or are attracted to their sense of humor or the sound of their voice. The moment you begin to engage in small talks, that is when you begin to realize more things you like about a certain person. Maybe it’s how they talk to you, or the things that they talk about, or how comfortable he/ she make you feel when you’re around them. The initial spark is what created a window of opportunity for you to get to know this person. Do I believe in love at first sight, yes but not all the time? There are some people you meet and it feels like you have known them all your life. Let’s say you’re invited to a party or an event, and this guy or lady walks into the room, and you’re immediately captured by their presence or something about them. You may not know them, but you already feel like you like him/her. For the rest of the night, you eagerly wait for an opportunity to engage in a conversation, when you get a chance, you discover you have so many similarities, with this person and even enjoy the same things. Probably the other person’s feels attracted to you for similar reasons, that is when you can say I fell-in love at first sight. At this point it is still too early to imagine a future with this person, but you know deep down there is some potential there. Often times the qualities we like in the person we fall in love with are usually things we’re lacking in our own life, or something we may need more of. Hence the saying opposite attracts: a quiet person will naturally be drawn to a more out-going and friendly person. Someone who has a lovely personality, and also has charisma, will be drawn to someone who doesn’t like to attract too much attention. Even with people who are talented and smart, they are drawn to people whom are even more talented and smart. People, who come from a broken family, will be drawn to a lady/guy who comes from a stable family. True love usually attracts what the other person needs. I am not here to teach people how to fall in love because that should happen naturally and effortlessly, nor am I here to tell people how to find the man or woman of their dreams. God already has the right people lined-up for us he knows who “the One” is, and if we feel like we have found the right person: then we know that they haven’t come yet. I am instead writing about how a person knows that what they are experiencing is “true love”, and also how to maintain that love so it stands the test of time.
Here are some signs that let you know, you have found true love:
1. He/she does not care how much I spend or how well you dress. They are used to you and love you. Just being alone with you is treat enough!
2. This person has already seen you at your worst---- but loves you anyway.
3. He/she knows about your pasts, or some of the baggage’s you have, but that doesn’t change how they treat you, or their love for you.
4. He/she doesn’t need to be impressed—because they love you already.
5. He/she already knows that you’re intelligent, sweet, loving, spiritual, witty, interesting, communicative, caring, accommodating, considerate, well- balanced, and likeable--- just maybe not all at the same time!
6. Enjoy spending time with he/she, never really run out of things to say
7. He/she partnership with you draws the best out of you, you keep discovering so many aspects of yourself, just by being with this person
8. This person shares in your vision, and dreams
9. He/she makes you comfortable to talk about any and everything without judgment.
10. Their presence in your life makes you happier and at peace with yourself.
11. You don’t have to compromise, when you’re with him/her, you can be yourself and be loved anyway!
12. You cannot think of anybody else you’d rather spend your time, your resources, and even your resources with.
13. You love almost everything about this person, you’re sometimes intrigued about them.
To Be Continued…….