Saturday, December 24, 2016

When God is ready to restore a nation, to bring deliverance or healing to a place or family in crisis, he raises up one of his own to become a leader, or allows one to be born during a particular time, and who has the virtues, strength, or wisdom to solve the problem at hand. Samson was one of such leaders, and he was born for this purpose, his destiny was connected to the Philistines. He was endowed with remarkable physical strength, and prowess, that enabled him to begin fighting the Philistines and to deliver the Israelite out of their hand. Every time the Spirit of God came upon Samson, he became fearless, stronger than a lion, and fought with supernatural ability. His extraordinary strength is how the Lord was using him, and this was meant to be kept a secret.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

David, A man after God's Heart

God found in David a man he was very pleased with (A man he describes as after his heart). Because he found such favor with God, God chose him among his brothers to be the next king of Israel. From the moment, he was anointed by Samuel, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, and he became a changed man. Saul also recognized something special in David when he first laid eyes on him, he loved him greatly, and wanted him to remain with him as his armorbearer. When God’s hand’s is upon you, people will be able to sense God’s Spirit on you when they are around you. And you will find great favor with man, because you’ve already found favor with God. You’ll also become the answer to their prayer.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Having a strong prayer life, along with fasting is what will sustain you through the wilderness process & trying times, of preparing you for your calling. Especially when you’re dealing with a spiritual battle with the enemy that involves hindering you from been able to fulfill the calling of God on your life. You would need to fight from a place of power, the power that comes from knowing who you are in Christ, and knowing what God has placed inside of you. The reason the enemy is fighting you so strongly, is because he can see the destiny God has for you, and he is trying to kill that dream, and to prevent the plans of God from coming to pass.
Some gifts are meant to be hidden for a while, while God is working on your character (behind the scenes), by allowing you to go through hard things that will keep you humble, test your ability to persevere, and to build your trust & faith in him. So when he does reveal you to the world, there will be no denying the power of God operating in your life, & the great impact he is going to make in the world through you.
Sometimes the solution to a problem or the answer to a prayer may not already exist in the natural. We may wonder why certain things are taking too long, or why it doesn't appear like anything is changing even when a lot of time has passed, and a lot of physical, mental, and spiritual efforts have been applied. Many times the solution to that problem requires someone somewhere whom you may or may not know to be ready & prepared to be used as the answer to your prayer. Because the solution to your problem is their assignment or calling. Other times the person who will solve the problem is not even born yet. And there is a time & a season for that person to be born and for them to grow & mature to be prepared for the task at hand. God will often delay the answer to a prayer when the blessing has a bigger purpose connected to it, which will impact a lot of people.
Samson couldn’t drink any wine or strong drink, or eat anything from the vine because as a Nazarite, he had to learn how to control his desires, by learning how to be self-controlled & disciplined. A person with this call on their life have to be led by the Holy-Spirit in everything they do. As the Spirit of God would be very evident in their life. They also need to identify their weaknesses, in order to strengthen that area, because one weakness could ruin their entire life.