Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Reflections in the Mirror

It is very important in life, to sometimes take some time off to reflect on our life. It is good to look back and review our sucesses as well as our failure, and also think of new ways we can make our lives better. For me, doing this comes too easy, because there is no moment that passes by that I’m not thinking about my future, and the choices I am making now with my life. I know life can get very busy at times, that it feels like from the moment we get-up, there are tasks to be accomplished until we go to bed. If care is not taking, we go through life feeling empty, and even frustrated because we are constantly doing something which will end-up draining the energy out of us. Making time for ourselves not only helps us to stay sane, but it also enables us to understand “who we are” better. We get to know ourselves in a deeper way, for instance, we know what makes us different from the next person, what characteristics we possess,and what we’re good at naturally.The only way to find the answers is by being quiet, and looking within.
I admire people, who are confortable in their own skin, and who are excelling in the work that they do that it makes them stand-out. Without even realizing it, I have tried to imitate some of the characteristics that I see in these mentors, and role-models in my life. But the truth is: God made me different and no matter how hard I try to be like somebody else , it is not going to work. I have often wondered what makes me unique, because when I see people like Mariah Carey, or Whitney Houston, what is distinct about them is their voice, when I look at actors like kate Winslet, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, I immediately recognise their acting ability b’cos they are very talented. Even Role-models, and mentors in my life, like mothers, teachers, aunt’s, and uncles, who have influenced my life in a tremendous way have something special about them. When anyone struggles with their identity, or their purpose, they tend to compare themselves with other people, who have qualities they respect, and when they’re not comparing, they’re trying their best to be like someone else other than who they are. And this is what I have tried to do for years, be everyone else but myself. It is great to have role-models in our life, people we look up to, but there is something wrong when we begin to idolize these people or try hard to become like them. Everyone of us, is unique in our own way, and have something special to contribute. When we find God and give him first place in our heart and life, then we find ourselves. Be as honest as possible when God reveals certain truths about yourself. The key to being free is by acknowledging that we’re not perfect, and we do make mistakes but we can learn from them and become a better person everyday. It took prayers, and godly people speaking the truth to me, that helped me accept myself. The result of loving me, and having a positive self-image was incredible; it has not only brought joy to my life, but it has made me more aware of different talents, and gifts that I wasn’t even in touch with.
The beauty of being in touch with your essence, (ie your true meaning) is that you learn something new and intresting about yourself that will help you as journey through life. Isn’t that we want in life to get to know ourselves on a deeper level, that the picture we portray to other people is our best self. One of the suprising things I learned about me, was understanding that many of the qualities, and characteristics, that I admired in some of my role-models, I already had only in a different way. I encourage you everyday to dig deep and learn new truth about yourself, and quit comparing yourself with someone else. If each of us could find that one thing that sets us apart from everyone else; this world would be a better and brighter place.