Thursday, November 5, 2015

Equally Yoked What it Means

"Being Equally Yoked can be understood when you get the picture of what a yoke really is. It's a device used to hold two animals together. If you are an ox attached to another ox for the purpose of work, then the two of you cannot stray in different directions. If one isn't carrying an equal amount of the work, then they are unequal and the work isn't done efficiently or sometimes not at all.
In our spiritually lives, we have spiritual work to do. The work isn't the same as what an ox has to do, but we have work/our calling in life and we have the commands that Christ gave to us (to love each other, love our enemies,
prayer, fast, e.t.c).
The person that you are married to, courting or dating is someone that is an important part of your life. In a way, you are yoked to them. If you are yoked to them in the way that you both aren't trying to do your own spiritual work, then your joint spiritual lives are going to suffer.
Being equally yoked, just like those oxen, is that you are both going in the same direction -- in this case -- spiritually. This is especially important in relationships that have the possibility to result in a marriage. Stop for a minute and reevaluate things and see if you are going in the same spiritual direction. If you aren't, you will end up hurting the relationship, and yourself. A relationship needs that spiritual aspect as well as the rest of it. If you aren't going in the same direction, sit and figure out if you WANT to do something about it NOT for the relationship alone but because you want to get back with God in the proper way".

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Greatness Comes at a Great Price

You will know you have been chosen to fulfill a higher calling in your life, when you have to go through long periods (which often takes months or years of preparation) being in the valley where your faith is tried & tested beyond what you can humanly endure. A place where you feel attacks coming from every angle, because the enemy is throwing every darts, attacks, and setbacks your way, to cause you to give up on your calling, doubt God, or step outside his will. This is the point where you experience so much frustration because your adversary will use any and everything to get to you. The calling will require you to walk a solidary path (where you will feel at times isolated from the people in your life and cut off from what's going on in the world), You’ll also be greatly misunderstood by people, even people you love and care for, as well as your family and friends. A place where you wouldn’t have many people who you can relate to, because you’re experiencing life from a higher perspective, You will also be cut off from a lot of things you depended on for support, so you can learn how to depend solely on God. You find yourself praying more than you have ever prayed in your life, because your strong prayer life, and your constant feeding on the word will sustain and strengthen you for what lies ahead, and also build your faith muscles. You will find your old man dying, along with your fleshly desires, so you can be submission to the things of the spirit. But above all the person you become in the process after God refines you by allowing you to go through the fire, will be the most rewarding. So when you do stand in your calling, you will be fully equipped, and filled with God’s grace, power, & anointing as you carry out the work he has called you to do. #GreatnessComesataGreatPrice #WisdomisRequiredofyou #HigherCallingComeswithGreatResponsibilites #ManyareCalledfewareChosen #YouhaveBeenChosen.