Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Art of loving yourself

One of the biggest problems most people face in life stems from a poor self- image. A lot of people are struggling with their identity, many times they ask themselves; why was I born this way? Why do I experience so many difficulties in life? Or why do I have so many weaknesses?... Sometimes it seems like life is a constant battle, of trying to find out who we really are, and what we were created to be.

Some of us go through life, wearing a lot of masks because we cannot face the truth about ourselves; on the outside we appear to be doing fine, but on the inside we seem to be falling apart. There are people who don’t feel good enough; they are constantly changing to fit a mode of what the world says they should be. Even with people who feel very confident, there are days when they wonder if they are living their lives in the way they are supposed to.

These people sometimes imagine what would have become of them, if they were raised differently, didn’t have to go through a particular problem, or face that painful incident (whatever it may be). We all have things, which we want to change about ourselves, areas where we need to grow; but there is freedom in realizing that we are not weird or awkward, but we are created just the way we are for a reason. God made us in his own image, and everything God created is wonderful & beautiful in every way.