Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning to let go

Learning to let go is one of the hardest things in life because letting go is always an act of trust. For me letting go doesn’t come easy at all, it is like a fight. The good thing about being a writer is I get to share my heart with people in a way that would otherwise be impossible. When I write I dig into the deepest part of me, and draw out so many beautiful aspects of myself that I did not know I possessed. The first place I learned how to just let go is in the area of accepting me. You know I can sometimes be very hard on myself, the desire to always be at my best, to look good, to be a wonderful friend, an excellent student, a good worker, can almost drive me crazy. But through the years I have learned to take it easy and not try to act like I’m perfect all the time.
There are something’s in life that we cannot keep forever, there are people that may walk away from our lives a job or position we can’t hold on to forever…. We can be certain of one thing in life, and that is change, seasons change, jobs change, people change, and even styles change. Change is hard for anyone I know because when anybody thinks of change, we always think of how that change will affect us. I ‘m naturally very giving and loyal to people especially the ones I care deeply for, when I start sensing any distance from these people I admire and respect, the natural thing for me to do is to hold on tightly. By holding on tightly I mean giving more, creating time for them, leaving thank you notes at odd places for them, and even letting them know how much they mean to me. The funny thing is, the more I hold on to people the faster they slip away. Until I understood this principle: we cannot lose what is supposed to be a part of our destiny and we certainly can’t keep what is not.
At times we may have people that will walk away from a relationship, people we love deeply and believe they are in our lives for a lifetime, but that season changes and suddenly they live your life. You tried to make that relationship work, but they were bent on leaving, or you see a door closing in a business, a job or an opportunity and you can’t explain why or how this happened. The key is to let it go, if somebody leaves your life then it means they are no longer a path of your destiny, if one door closes, God will always open up another door, if you failed once, there is always be another opportunity to begin again. Don’t fight change; learn to just embrace because it is always for the better. Now I am beginning to understand if somebody walks away from my life for whatever reasons, it is because they were there for a reason. Maybe they were available to mentor me, help me get through some kind of difficulty, or just be my friend at that particular time. I cannot keep every single person or thing that comes into my and you certainly cannot.
Learning to let go is not done once and after that is done with. It is something you and I have to do on a regular basis if we truly want to be everything God has called us to be. I am not implying it is going to be easy, but it is possible when we “let go” one day at a time. Find somebody that you trust, I mean really trust, so you can be yourself, and they are also free to be who they are, and if you have to let them go for any reason you can because you trust them.