Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Woman of Substance

A woman of substance is a woman graced with beauty, intelligence & strength. The essence of who she is comes from how much time she spends with God, and the kind of prayer life she has built over the years. This is what shapes and molds her into this woman of virtue, people have come to love & admire about her. People draw inspiration from her and she inspires many too. She wears wisdom and kindness as a fine garment, it’s a part of who she is. Her presence brings life, and she is a joy to be around. she possesses a gentle & quiet spirit, and she can flow in the fruit of the spirit in her interaction with others, because she prays daily to become a woman after God’s heart. She is not perfect and will admit areas where she falls short, because she wouldn’t want anyone to compare herself with her, because she struggles just like everyone else. Nothing brings her more joy than working on herself, and becoming the kind of woman people pray to have in their life. Her words can touch the deepest parts of you and can profoundly impact you in such a way that it causes you to change. Her love and gentleness cocoons you, and frees you to be who you are. She is a woman with soul, she pours herself into everything she does. This woman is a gift to the body of Christ. A treasure to her family, and a price to the man who is blessed to call her his wife.

A Virtuous Woman

A virtuous woman is hard to find because she has an inner beauty, a strength of character, and a substance that is priceless. She is more valuable than rubies, because she is a rare gem. She is a woman of strong faith, a wise woman, and a woman after God's heart. When you find a virtuous woman, you just know. You will see it in how she carries herself, and in the words she speaks.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

 Esther was a woman anointed by God and chosen with a unique calling of saving the Jewish people from destruction. But she didn’t come into the scene until Vashti was dethroned. No one knew about Esther because she was hidden by God, in order to prepare her for her assignment. When the timing was right, God brought her to the lime light and she was well received by everyone, and was chosen as the queen.