Monday, June 23, 2014

A person will discover who they are, when they go through an experience that significantly impacts & changes them. And in the process of working through that pain, they learn something about themselves, which will give them an insight to who they are.


Sometimes the answers to our prayers are been delayed, because our prayers is connected to someone somewhere whom we haven't met, but who will play a significant role in our life or influence our life in some kind of way or vice versa. In other words, your prayers has a bigger purpose attached to it, and God will only answer that prayer when he feels you and the other person involved are ready.


Anyone can learn to wait but not everyone has the ability to be patient. Patience is a fruit of the spirit, you either have it or you don't. You can tell the depth of a person's character by how much patience they continue to have, when things take longer than expected, or don't turn out in the way they would have liked, when they have no control of the situation, or when they can do nothing about how a person's perceives them or how they interpret the things they do.