Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Virtuous Woman

A woman of substance is a woman whose inner beauty speaks for her. The bible describes her as a Virtuous Woman. She is not the most visible woman in the room yet her presence is felt in such a powerful way, even long after she leaves. She is the kind of woman who is irreplaceable because she is One-of a kind, and she is rare. People like her because there is an aura, charm, & beauty about her that goes beyond the surface. People are drawn to the beauty found in her spirit which happens naturally without her realizing it. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. What attracts people to her comes from within her. This is what people remember most about her.

What Love Means

If I were to put into words what love means in its purest form this is what I would say. Love is something that you become. By that I mean is not just something that you feel, think, or do, whenever you feel like it, even though that's a part of loving. it becomes who you are and people cannot separate the person from the attribute. True love will become real to you once you have lived it. Once you start living love, it changes your life and the people you meet. Because its no longer something you think about doing, or try to do, or feel, but something that comes natural to you, that you can't help but be loving because that's who you are

When Your Gift is Seen by the Right People

Your gift has to be seen & recognized by the right person/people who not only see the greatness inside of you, but who are able to place you in a position where your gift can be taken from the background or behind the scenes into the fore-front, where it can be used to make the most impact.

The impact of your God-given gift

When your gift is touched & anointed by God, it would not only bring you before great men. It would also cause those great men to discern not just the Spirit of God in you; but also the Wisdom God God has placed inside of you. This will cause you to find favor with them and open doors for you.