Monday, April 2, 2012

Help! I am feeling overwhelmed

Doesn't it feel like in life, there are so many things to juggle? Have u ever felt like you have so much to do, and barely have the time to finish it? Does it feel like no matter what you get done in a day, there is still something left to do.

Life can be compared to a train, which keeps moving, even if you fall off track, and sometimes you have to catch up because time is running out. Most people I know have not one, two, but several projects or roles that they play; and sometimes it can be very difficult to choose what should come first, because you feel they are all important.

It is not just time that needs to be balanced, one needs to learn how to balance all the different roles they play. I am sure you’ve heard this phrase before, “I have got a lot on my plate”. It is so easy in life to feel burnt out, because we are trying to do everything. I love what John Maxwell said about people who try to do it all.

To Stay Focused in Life: You can't know everyone you can't do everything, and you can't go everywhere we have to pick and choose between good and a little bit better.