Tuesday, May 6, 2014

True Inspiration, One that Inspires you from Deep Within

We don’t have to look too far to find inspiration it’s all around us. We meet people every day who inspire us to do or become better. We may be drawn to people because of the gift/talent they have, it could be their incredible voice, their gift of writing, or something else about them that grasps our attention. We follow these people on social media, read about them, listen to them, and even look forward to meeting them someday in person, because they inspire us.
There are different kinds of inspiration, there is inspiration that gets us pumped or excited each time we are around such people. We are happy to be in their presence, they teach us so much in their area of expertise, but they do not necessarily produce a deep change in us, we are just pleased to be connected to them. Then there are other inspirational people we connect with; when we’re looking for answers, feeling down, or people we aspire to be like, we only search this people out when there is a need, once the need is met, we move on and only come back again when the issue arises.
Still there are other inspirational people we meet at a particular stage/phase in our lives, for example when we are going through a break-up/ struggling with being single/ in a marriage that is difficult, or when are trying to overcome a particular addiction, facing financial issues, or going through a difficult season in our life. We cross paths with this people at just the right time, and their stories, words of inspiration, books/ blogs, provide the encouragement and wisdom we need to overcome that particular situation, and we find the courage to heal. Once we get through that season or phase in our life, we do not need those people anymore because they have served their purpose in our lives and life goes on lol.
            Then there is the last group of inspirational people who impact us in a tremendous way, this encounter is divinely orchestrated. We meet this people and they completely change our life. These are people who impact us beyond the surface, they inspire us in a deep way that it touches our soul. I am talking about change in the way you view yourself, change in the way you think about things, they make you aware of gifts and strengths, you have not recognized in yourself or explored before, they cause you to want to change from within. Sometimes you do not even realize the impact such people have on you, until you get around other people who know you well, and they point out these changes to you. It’s like having a complete makeover in your life. This is what I am referring to when I speak of inspiring someone from within. Have you come across a person/s, whose story, life, music or gift, tugs on your heart and causes you to look within and evaluate your life. They are like a mirror to you reflecting to you areas in your life that are unhealed, dreams buried inside of you, weaknesses which you haven’t worked on, or maybe they brought out strengths in you that you did not realize you had.
            There is something spiritual about these encounters, at times you feel God’s presence when having conversations with them, and you begin to see the person you were created to be through their gifts because it hits home for you. I have listened to songs on the radio that touched me deeply that made me search for the artist to find out who they were, and to learn the inspiration behind their songs. I remember listening to a guest pastor preach in a program I attended, and since I came mid-way through the service I missed when he was introduced. I was so touched by his sermon, that I spent the next few days searching for him online until I found his church. I could not rest until I found out more about him, and where I could listen to more sermons from him. I have read blogs by inspirational people which transformed me profoundly and forced me to change from the inside out. 

            We do not meet people like this every day, most people fall in the first two categories I mentioned earlier. Inspirational people who produce lasting change in you, and whose impact remains even after you lose touch with them, comes with people who are anointed and set-apart by God to fulfill a higher calling. Keep in mind we need all three kinds of inspiration, because they each fulfill a purpose in our life. However, the last category is one that produces the greatest change and transformation in our lives, we cannot encounter such people and remain the same. People like this come into our life when we least expect and sometimes during the lowest moments in our life, they are like God-sent. There is always a bigger purpose why we cross paths with them which is sometimes bigger than what we can see at the moment.  There are even instances where such people may not stay in our lives forever, but their impact stays with us.
            This is the kind of impact I hope to make in the people that God sends my way, and in you if you are reading this. At the end of the day it’s not the number of people I know or have around me, but the quality of people’s lives I can change in a profound way. I may not even know all these people personally but they will always remember me because I inspired them in a deep way.