Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Beauty of Finding You, Will Lead to the Discovery of Your Purpose

The journey of finding who you are is indeed one the greatest journeys in life, because its in the process of finding who we are that we become open to understanding life and the gifts God has placed inside of us. This is where we also find God. When we get to know God in a personal way, he reveals who we are to us and we understand ourselves in such a deep way, because he opens our eyes to see ourselves the way he sees us. Everything we desire in life, and will ever need can be found in him, in God we find wholeness, fulfillment, and our purpose. When we seek contentment and wholeness in external factors outside of ourself and God, we end up feeling broken and unfulfilled. We cannot separate our deep longing for love and the desire to know our purpose from our need for God.  If we do we will always end up feeling empty. Everyone longs for the feeling of home, a place where we feel completely safe and secure in who we are without feeling any judgment or fear. The more we pull away from the truth of who we are, the more restless we become. The person we are on the inside is one that is at peace with our strengths and weaknesses.  Even though we’ll still have areas we struggle in , we do not make that our focus, we realize God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. People who are secure within do not internalize people’s perception or opinions about them, they receive constructive feedback without taking it personally. Authentic people are always open to change and growth because they understand it helps them grow as a person and understand people better.  When you know who you are, you are able to discern who is your true friend, and the reason people enter your life, and why the relationship ended. They understand not every relationship is meant to last forever, and some people are only in our lives for a reason or a season, and just a few remain with us for a lifetime. You will also be able to identify what opportunities to pursue and the right career path for you. People who are comfortable in their own skin do not invest in things unless they have prayed about them, and have peace to move forward with it. There is also no need to compare yourself with someone else when you are at peace with yourself, no matter how great they may be because you realize everyone has something special to offer and we are wired differently to fit into the individual plan God has for our lives. To feel inferior to someone else based on the qualities and strengths they possess is to downplay the great qualities you have within you. 
The beauty of finding yourself is what gets you closer to discovering the purpose God has for your life. Your purpose will become clear to you once you begin to understand the events that have taken place in your life, your family background, the struggles & challenges you have overcome, as well as your present situation, and how all of that has shaped you into the person you are today. The safest place to be is in your calling, and that calling is connected to who you are. 
Finding the beauty in ourselves requires some soul searching. Sometimes we have to pull away from people and things that take us away from our true self; and from the inner voice inside each of us, which tells us who we are, and what we were created to do. In order to make the greatest impact in people especially the ones you are called to serve there is a personal and spiritual transformation that has to happen inside of us first. This allows us to share our gift with the world in such a powerful way that changes lives. Each time you serve using the gift or talent God has blessed you with; people experience a piece of you, which allows them to connect with your spirit.  This is the side you want the love of your life to experience, a side that allows him/her to receive and love all of who you are unconditionally. There is a peace you experience when you are being true to who you are, you don’t feel like you have to conform to a certain image or standard. Even if you have to walk alone at times you’re not going to compromise the important things that make you who you are.
The process of coming into your own prepares you for standing in it. You don’t really face any pressure when you’re trying to fit in with a group, or when you’re trying to do what you see everyone around you doing, or when you’re working hard to please the people around you, you get my point. Pressure only comes when you step outside of what is comfortable or normal and when you’re exploring a different side of you, that people and even you are not used to. Finding who you really are is liberating, it frees you to be everything God designed you to be.

Finally, when you know deep down inside there are people somewhere whose lives are connected to your purpose or calling. And who would need you to step out & follow God's plan for your life, so they can find out theirs. That's when you have discovered your true beauty & treasure.