Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My love for Writing!!!

Writing is such a beautiful gift, if you have a passion for it. Some people are born with this gift, while others just learn to write by taking English classes, or even by keeping a journal. I simply started writing when I discovered that I could vent all the emotions I was feeling inside, and express myself in way that would otherwise be impossible.

I grew up reading a lot of books, from Enid Blyton books, Disney stories, to bible stories, I just loved engaging my mind, and learning about new and exciting things. So while other kids would be outside playing, I would curl myself in a corner completely absorbed in a book (I was wired). In the process of reading, I discovered my passion for writing.

I realized I had so many wonderful ideas about family, relationships, work, and interesting information about life in general, and all I did was just talk about them with the people I came across, that were interested. And when I would discuss topics with my friends, that was relevant to their life’s experiences, I‘ll noticed some of my friends trying to take notes, or pausing to think about what I just said.

Sometimes people would call me up and ask me questions about things they were struggling with and I would offer my advice but at the same time leaving them room to think things through for themselves. It suddenly dawned on me that if I could write about some of the things I talked about, it would help me remember them, but most especially help me stay consistent with my words, so I don’t get people confused.

I love to write about things that resonate with me, and things that I truly care about. I love to talk for example, about how to build a strong family, how to get along with people, how to handle relationships, how to discover one’s purpose in life est. (You get the gist). I have to be able to understand, and feel what I’m writing about to deliver it well.

I don’t try to limit myself in my writing, I can write about just about anything, for example, I can write about the details of my day-2- day life, to what I’m passionate about, and even go on to talk about what I can spend my life defending. But the area that I can represent very well is the issues and problems people face in life; because that is the area I believe anyone can identify with.

I can’t fully express how excited I am, when I get feedbacks from people who take the time to read my blog, or even friends who encourage me to continue to do what I do best which is to write. Reading your comments and feedback encourages me to grow not only as a writer but also has an individual. Thank you guys so much!!! My love for writing comes from my deep desire to learn, and to grow, and if that is one thing I can share with the world, that would make me very happy.

Every experience in my day-2 day life is an opportunity for me to turn into a teaching experience. My motto for life is: as long as you have breathed, you have a purpose and a mission to life.

I encourage you all, to stick with me, as I unravel some of experiences in life good or bad, and the lessons I have learned from each of them.